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Uni of Worcester Meeting Centres

Meeting Centres are an innovative way of supporting people with mild to moderate dementia and their families through an evidence-based, person-centred approach and offer an enjoyable, flexible and adaptive programme. They are a great low-cost community based way of supporting people living with dementia and their families that have been successfully implemented in the Netherlands for over 25 years and in the UK for over 3 years.

Meeting Centres have already attracted a great deal of interest from different parts of the UK. We believe they could be a good practical application for DAAs and Dementia Friendly Communities who want to make a difference within their local area.

We have been awarded funding from the National Lottery to help communities across the UK set up new Meeting Centres and as part of this project we have funding to run a number of ‘Pioneer’ workshops across the UK during 2019 to help people think about and plan how a Meeting Centre might work in their community. In the workshops we cover:-

  • The background to Meeting Centres – history, principles and ethos including the adjusting to change approach.
  • How to run a Community Engagement Event
  • How to set up a Meeting Centre Planning Group of interested stakeholders.
  • Creating an implementation plan –
  • Who your target group is (who will attend the Meeting Centre);
    o The programme of activities (for people with dementia, for carers; for the community).
    o Finance (funding and sustainability);
    o Finding a good location;
    o Protocol and collaboration between stakeholders;
    o Staffing and training;
    o PR and marketing (reaching out to participants and referrers).

We are planning to hold half day workshops in different parts of the UK during the coming year including:

Other possible venues

  • North East of England
  • London

Further details and booking details of those yet to be confirmed will be available shortly but if you would be interested in attending any of these please let us know by emailing us at
If you decide that you would like to set up a Meeting Centre in your local area we can then offer a further package of support.

If you are interested in knowing more about these workshops or the overall project please contact us via:

Email: or
Telephone: 01905 542531 or 01905 542664
University of Worcester
Association for Dementia Studies
Henwick Grove

For further information on the UK Meeting Centres Support Programme go to:


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