tide, together in dementia everyday celebrates achieving charity status

tide’s ambition to create real change for carers of people with dementia is set to become a reality with the good news they have been awarded charity status.

tide’s vision is to create a ‘world where carers of people with dementia use their voices and society reflects and responds to their unique needs’.

As you may know dementia is a growing health crisis, every 3 seconds someone develops dementia. In the UK alone there are 850,000 people living with dementia, many looked after by family and friends. When someone is diagnosed with dementia it is more than one person who receives the diagnosis. 

Carers of people living with dementia join tide because they are motivated to take action by having a shared purpose, often sadly as a result of a poor experience in the care system and a commitment that this should not happen to others. tide gives a voice to carers of people with dementia to ensure their experiences are heard.  

 tide, using the carer’s collective voice, has already achieved great success with a number of outstanding initiatives including; the Carer Development Programme and a new resource developed in response to carers needs. The Living Grief and Bereavement booklets are part of a new campaign developed to discuss the feeling of grief that carers often experience when caring for a person with dementia. You can read more about the Living Grief and Bereavement resources here and the Carer Development Programme here

The National Dementia Action Alliance (NDAA) are particularly pleased, as tide was created in 2015 as the legacy from the Carers’ Call 2 Action within the NDAA and with Minister’s support. The CC2A raised the unique needs and rights of carers of people living with dementia. Members of NDAA agreed that the work should be taken forward and the Life Story Network agreed to host the setting up of the new carers involvement network which has grown in to tide.


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