The Dementia 2020 Citizens’ Engagement

Making England the Best Place in the World for Dementia Care

Have you, or has somebody close to you, been diagnosed with dementia in the last few years?

If so, Opinion Research Services would really like to hear from you!

Opinion Research Services (ORS) are inviting people with a dementia diagnosis, or their main carer (either family or friend) to complete a short questionnaire about your experience of living with dementia. This is an important opportunity to share experiences and help shape and improve services in the future.

This questionnaire focusses on the experiences of day-to-day care and independent living for a person living with dementia. Respondents can also sign up to receive two more questionnaires and be part of the Dementia 2020 Panel.

To complete this questionnaire and help with this important research, please go online to

That site will also allow you to view previous reports and see what other people are saying about their experiences.

If you would prefer to receive a questionnaire in the post, ORS would be happy to send you one or answer any questions you may have. Please contact Claire Thomas on 01792 535 337 or at, or Daniel Morris at ORS on 01792 535324 or

This project has been commissioned by the Department of Health for England and the work is being carried out by Opinion Research Services (ORS), an independent organisation.

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