New Dementia Care Programmes at Barchester Healthcare

The importance of excellent dementia care is paramount within Barchester Healthcare and Caroline Baker, the Director of Dementia Care supported by the Dementia Care Team have developed two specific award programmes that complement each other.

The award programmes will continue to support all our homes that provide dementia care either within our Memory Lane Communities or within our Hospitals in providing a first class dementia care provision. The criteria within both of these two award programmes have also been reviewed by Leeds Beckett University (Centre for Dementia Research) and cross referenced to the most current NICE Dementia Guidelines. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

To further compliment the new programmes we have revamped some of our previous Dementia Training courses ensuring they remain in line with the most current Dementia Training Standards Framework/Promoting Excellence Framework. These new training courses will be delivered via E- Learning and will provide information/scenarios/videos to staff to ensure they have the most up to date skills and knowledge to provide first class dementia care.

The two new awards will be known as Foundation and 10-60-06.

The Foundation award is a self-assessment programme made up of a total of 50 criteria. These criteria fall under different sub headings some of which are, Staff Training & Knowledge, Communication & Reducing Distress and Enhancing Mealtimes.

The Award of Foundation Status will ensure that there is consistently good Dementia Care Provision being delivered across the home/hospital as a minimum.

Once Foundation status has been achieved the homes/hospitals with regular support of a Dedicated Dementia Care Specialist will move onto the 10-60-06 award programme which contains an additional 20 criteria (some of which include face to face training, use of technology and enhanced activity provision).

Achievement of the 10-60-06 award will clearly evidence that excellent dementia care is being provided.

Barchester Healthcare is very proud to introduce these new dementia awards and the many benefits it will bring not only to all our residents in further enhancing their well-being and supporting their journey living with dementia to be the best it can be, but by also ensuring relatives are continued to be provided with support and compassion.


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