NDAA to be disestablished

As you may know, we took the decision to pare back NDAA activity in March/April 2020, in light of the impact that the pandemic was having on both the NDAA and members.

Over the last 9 months we have not asked for any member contributions, and the only activity that has been continued is the development of the Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter for Wales by Sarah Tilsed (Partnerships Manager) funded by Public Health Wales. This has enabled the NDAA to run in a ‘keeping the lights on’ fashion.

Whilst the financial pressures on the NDAA have been alleviated slightly the overall view is that in the current situation it’s neither ideal nor sustainable, and future funding potential has now also been impacted by the continued and longer term effect on both the NDAA and its members by the pandemic.

Regrettably, the NDAA is now formally disestablished. Sarah Tilsed will finish the Public Health Wales funded activity by end of September 2021, and this will be clearly identified as the final piece of NDAA activity. The transfer of all NDAA website content will be moved to a closed web portal where all materials, resources/toolkits and previous reports can be accessed in a legacy capacity.

Although this signals the end of the NDAA, there is much to be celebrated in what the alliance, and members, have achieved since it was founded in 2010, including Annual Conferences bringing together members and people affected by dementia, regional networking and learning events, successful campaigns including From Seldom Heard to Seen and Heard and Bring Dementia Out, the publication of the Dementia Statements, the Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter activity in England and now Wales, and Dementia Words Matter, written by people with dementia, setting out the words and descriptions of dementia that they would prefer are avoided and help to further reduce stigma around dementia.

We hope that you are as proud of the NDAA’s accomplishments as we are, and that the work that members have contributed to will continue to be made available to others.  We’d like to say a massive thank you for all your time and commitment over the years, in what has been held up by many as an example of a truly effective alliance.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sarah Tilsed                                                                            Gavin Terry

Partnerships Manager, NDAA                                                  Head of Policy, Alzheimer’s Society


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