Launch of ReMeLife and its ReMe app for families and Elderly and Dementia Care


ReMeLife ( is an online membership portal that provides daily care and general news, information on care solutions and access to discount priced partner products. It’s here that you can download RemindMecare (aka ReMe).

ReMe is Activity Based software that provides engaging activities and therapy, from advanced reminiscence, cognitive and music therapies to games and entertainment, and enables care circle connectivity through its communication module.

The outcomes of these activities build an ever-growing Life Story profile of the person being cared that helps carers and families better engage with their clients. The result is significantly enhanced person-centred care and reduced stigma and loneliness.

By capturing activity outcomes, called Electronic Life Records (ELR = likes, dislikes, moods, preferences, wellbeing, habits, memories, life story, families) ReMeLife and ReMe enable the provision of bespoke activities and therapy and produces care and wellbeing reports that support all those in the care process be better informed.

ReMe’s feature range is as broad as you want it to be, since ReMe integrates with other care systems, such as wearables (The Tiger healthcare watch), robots (such as Genie). And with Alexa, using our own created Alexa skills, ReMe offers hydration and medication alerts, remote monitoring, for both consumers and care organisations.

A unique feature of ReMe is that it is portable, from diagnosis (ReMe’s GP prescriptible) to end of life, so therefore the knowledge of the person that’s captured is usable by all the carers and care businesses encountered along the care journey, – so no more repetition of information to different carers. ReMe provides a return on investment for businesses through offering numerous features (from client acquisition and staff training to family and CQC reporting) and continuing reassurance of the provision of quality care for the family.

ReMe appReMe’s a fun app that’s available on tablet, phone, TV or Alexa, that’s easily usable by 8-80-year olds, and that’s multi-culturally and cross-generationally capable. And it’s free.

The ReMeLife system addresses maintaining care in the community, loneliness, community engagement, data ownership, portability and GDPR. It strengthens maintaining independence through supporting self-care management, whilst achieving cost savings and efficiencies for all those involved in care.

ReMe is ReMe is an NHS approved Digi therapeutic, enabling medication reduction through knowing the person. It’s robust in format, purpose and functionality, with G Cloud, ico and Orcha approvals (with EMIS and NHS Digital pending).

ReMe is today being used across the formal care sectors (domiciliary care, live in and day care, care homes and hospitals, and globally i.e. Italy, Hong, Australia, with Tokyo launching soon, etc), and is growing in popularity. With Vince Cable as a lead investor and ex board member, Mandy Thorn V. Chair National Care Association and Government Digital Champion, and a team that includes Linsey Royan, Head Psych Services at NELFT, ReMe is ready for launch into the consumer healthcare sector and is being launched as a free downloadable app via and as part of Kingston Hospitals  Dementia Awareness Week.

The system has been built by two entrepreneurs that have experienced dementia and the care process in their own lives. For Simon Hooper, one of the founders, it started with an elderly bedbound Scots seaman who would not open his door to social services support. Armed with his grandfather’s stories of life as a merchant sea captain, and brandy, he gained access and was soon being regaled with his remarkable war experiences. “Twice sunk in the Atlantic, he sang me the songs that kept him alive whilst clinging onto flotsam. I realised that early memories were the keys to communicating with those with dementia, to reducing isolation and achieving reengagement”. Ex of and Endemol, Co-Founder Etienne Abrahams, who built the system to capture his French grandmothers memories and songs from the past, said; “We knew what we wanted for our families and so with the guidance of dementia care experts and funded by care homes, domiciliary carers and health care leaders via Crowdcube, we built RemindMeCare (aka ReMe). For all our stories are at the heart of who we are; and the older we become, the more we need them to define ourselves’.

The pair met socially and discovered that not only were they building digital care solutions, but that they worked in neighbouring offices on silicon roundabout. Soon after, they gained the support of Cisco and UCL and after 2 years of work in Kingston Hospital (see review here) where ReMe is part of their 5 year plan, and having weathered the storms of the crisis in care over recent years, ReMe is today marketed by Sharp and partnered with many leading organisations.

ReMeLife and ReMe address the governments’ target of improving person centred care for those with dementia and support for hard pressed carers, by leveraging today’s power of the internet and social media. “ReMeLife supports maintaining care in the community for longer. And that eases the burden a little on the already stretched NHS, for about 70% of acute hospital beds are occupied by the elderly, about 40 per cent of whom have dementia”.

‘ReMe is great for families and care staff and nurses working with people with dementia.  We know it can make a difference to their lives and support the campaign for better social care, whether at home or in residential care homes and wards, who welcome stimulation and discussion. But we also want to support family and friends who work hard to stay in touch and engaged, whether their family member is at home or in a care home’.

‘And that’s the key’ say Simon. ‘ReMeLife and ReMe will stay with you and your family along the care journey and for as long as you need care support, in the same way that social media and your favourite apps are always there when you want them….  except that ReMe lets you control your data and manages your care needs. Simply download and have fun. ReMe will do the rest’.

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