How Active Minds are Working Towards the 2020 Dementia Challenge

Active Minds design and provide award-winning activity products, specifically designed to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of those living with dementia as well as providing their carers an opportunity to connect with their loved ones.

Active Minds provide access to appropriate and affordable dementia care products and activities which aim to improve dexterity, cognition, mobility, engagement and communication. Research shows that the use of such activities provides necessary relief for those living with dementia. The use of person-centered activities have been proven to improve sleep habits, depression, social interaction and reduce care giver stress.

activemindsgloucesterhse 5Constantly striving to improve the lives of the 35 million people who are living with dementia worldwide, Active Minds are working towards the PM’s Dementia 2020 challenge by constantly innovating and providing activities which are meaningful for those on their dementia journeys.

Active Minds aim to help by providing active and enjoyable environments which are stimulating for those living with dementia and working to support organisations such as Dementia UK. Dementia UK aims to provide necessary support for those living with dementia, to improve their quality of life through activity and proper care.

Open dialogue is key. By regularly asking for feedback from their clients, Active Minds are ensuring they are up to date with the feelings and needs of people living with dementia.

Making sure that everyone is supported and respected is of great importance. Active Minds commissions and contributes to clinical trials to ensure that the needs of those living with dementia and their carers are being continuously met. By doing so, this ensures that Active Minds is constantly improving and developing the best dementia care activities and products. Feedback shows that 91% of carers felt that Active Minds’ products improved the well-being and reduced frustration in people on their dementia journey.

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