Dementia Statements roundtable

Dementia Statements through a legal lens

On the 25th of September, the National Dementia Action Alliance held a roundtable looking at the Dementia Statements through a legal lens. It was attended by 20 participants from a range of organisations, including professionals with interest and expertise in this area as well as people with lived experience of dementia.

Following powerful presentations from Keith Oliver, a person living with dementia and Jean Tottie, a former carer as to the importance of looking at the Dementia Statements from a human rights and legal perspective, a number of smaller discussions were held. These looked specifically at the legal framework underpinning each Dementia Statement, why each Statement is important for those with lived experience and practical examples of implementation. The outcome of these discussions will be collated into guidance to support, enable and inspire practitioners to deliver more effectively on the Dementia Statements.

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