Dementia & people with learning disabilities: reasonable adjustments

Public Health England1

Public Health England have produced a new report on improving care for people with dementia and learning disabilities. The report is the 17th in a series looking at reasonable adjustments in a specific service area. The aim of these reports is to share information, ideas and good practice in relation to the provision of reasonable adjustments.

This guide is to help staff in public health, health services and social care to ensure that their services are accessible to people with learning disabilities who may have, or be developing, dementia or be at particular risk of doing so. The guide is also intended to be of use to families and friends of people with learning disabilities. There are links to resources to use when supporting people as well as good practice case studies.

Public Health England searched for policy and guidelines that relate to people with learning disabilities and dementia; these can be found in the report. We also looked at websites to find resources that might be of use in relation to dementia in people with learning disabilities.

A request was put out through a range of networks for people interested in services and care for people with learning disabilities. Public Health England asked people to send information about what they have done to prevent dementia or to support people with learning disabilities who have dementia.

This report sets out what they found in their research. It also describes the online resources that were found and where you can access them. This is followed by a selection of case studies and examples of reasonable adjustments made in relation to people with learning disabilities and dementia.

Click here to view the Improving Care for People with Dementia and Learning Disabilities report

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