Better support for BAME people living with dementia during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Race Equality Foundation has been awarded a grant by the Department of Health and Social Care to lead a programme with Black South West Network, Caribbean African Health Network and Friends Families and Travellers, to work with 21 voluntary and community organisations to support black, Asian, and minority ethnic people living with dementia and their carers, in England during the coronavirus pandemic. The work is being supported by Toby Williamson Consultancy, a member of the NDAA. You can read more about the programme here including a link to the programme’s first newsletter and a list of the organisations involved. The Race Equality Foundation will be producing a range of resources about Covid-19 and guidance on social restrictions that will be translated into a number of languages.

Read about the programme here

One of the organisations funded in the programme – the Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture (CWTC) in Rochdale is conducting a brief survey for Black, Asian and minority ethnic carers of people living with dementia. They would appreciate people filling this out and the link being circulated to  relevant contacts and networks.

Please take 15 minutes of your time by clicking here to complete the survey.


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