Arts4Dementia lets you find stimulating arts events near you

Arts4Dementia Mapping

NDAA member Arts 4 Dementia have a new feature on their website which signposts arts events and workshops to stimulate, invigorate and inspire people living with dementia and their carers around the UK. As the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock recently outlined the potential benefits of social prescribing for GPs this resource is a great way for people living with dementia and carers to find art activities close to them.

The service Arts4Dementia provide is the only national listing of such opportunities as far as they are aware. They aim to cover as many as they can although they are dependent upon our friends in the community to tell us about those which aren’t listed and would encourage people to contribute and be involved.

For those visiting the site they can choose the art forms or date they prefer and your dementia need (early stage, moderate or arts for well-being). The initial list includes just those within 10 miles but you can select a greater distance for a fuller listing and just click “apply filter” to apply preferences.

To tell them about an arts event or workshop programme near you to stimulate and inspire people living with dementia and their carers, not currently listed just submit that through the website. Many people will appreciate hearing about the opportunity.

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