APPG on Dementia publishes new report ‘Hidden no more: Dementia and disability’

This week, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia, supported by Alzheimer’s Society, launched the ‘Hidden no more: Dementia and disability’ report. It explores whether people identify dementia as a disability and whether they are having their disability rights met.

The report reveals that, despite dementia being recognised as a disability in legislation (Equality Act 2010 and UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), people are not having their disability rights met – 98% of respondents think that people living with dementia are treated differently to other disabled people.

The report calls for the public, employers and organisations, governments and public bodies to be more aware of, and recognise, the disability rights of people with dementia. There were six key areas identified where people told us about the challenges they are facing: employment, social protection, social care, transport, housing, and community life. The report therefore makes recommendations across those areas to national and local government to drive change so that people with dementia are able to assert their rights to services and for their rights as citizens to be treated fairly and equally.

For more information about the APPG on Dementia and to read the report in full, please see here.

As part of the APPG report, you can also read a blog focusing specifically on the experience of people living with dementia in the workplace.

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