Alzheimer’s Society: Understanding dementia & learning disabilities

New course from Alzheimer’s Society: ‘Understanding dementia and learning disabilities’

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Did you know that people with learning disabilities, particularly those with Down’s syndrome, are at an increased risk of developing dementia? Alzheimer’s Society has recently launched a brand new training course ‘Understanding dementia and learning disabilities’.

The course was developed in response to an increasing need to recognise the additional challenges faced by people living with learning disabilities who may also develop dementia. In addition, to meet the specific training needs of people working within health and social care who support people affected by both conditions.

‘Understanding dementia and learning disabilities’ equips staff with the knowledge and skills to provide person-centred support. The course explores the effect that dementia and learning disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome, have on the brain and skills such as communication and decision-making. Attendees examine different attitudes towards people affected by cognitive conditions and learn how engage people in meaningful activities to promote independence and wellbeing.

One attendee said of the course: ‘The course was excellent and the trainer was so knowledgeable. The exercises we completed really helped us to understand what it may be like to be affected by dementia and a learning disability’.

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