Alzheimer’s Society announcement

Message from Stephen Hill, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Jeremy has been a remarkable leader of Alzheimer’s Society and supporter of the wider dementia cause. After ten years in the role I respect his desire to hand over the reins and the Board of Trustees is determined to find a worthy successor to continue the amazing progress the Society has made under his leadership.

His influence for the cause, both national and internationally, has been exceptional and he has been a driving force in ensuring that the rights of people with dementia cannot be ignored.

Under his leadership we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people with direct support. We’ve secured millions of supporters, donors, and partners – not least 3 million Dementia Friends. We’re one of the biggest funders of dementia research in the world. And we’ve managed to secure the role of the Society within the NHS’s long-term plan – which creates a direct link from the Society to the people responsible for providing care to people with dementia.

His dedication, inspiration and ambition for what we can achieve has made a lasting difference to the Society and to people with dementia, and it is our responsibility to continue this momentum.

I’d like to thank him for his fantastic contributions and hope Alzheimer’s Society will benefit from his continued involvement in the dementia cause over the years to come.

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