Active Minds Launch Game Changing App for Care Homes

Award-winning dementia wellbeing company, Active Minds, launch brand new innovative app designed to make care home activities and reporting easier and more effective, saving care homes considerable time and money and helping activity co-ordinators and care givers focus their time on what really matters, the residents. Their extensive collection of dementia friendly activities has paved the way for innovation in the care sector, and their new app helps activity coordinators generate suitable and enjoyable activities quickly and easily. The reporting feature within the app allows the user to create daily reports based on the responses of residents and effectiveness of the activities at the touch of a button.

 Activity coordination and the creation of care plans within dementia care homes is essential, but can be highly time consuming. Since 2017, dementia activity creators Active Minds, have been working towards improving the ways activities are delivered within care homes. On 15 January 2020 Active Minds launched a brand-new innovative app Support for Care. The app assists in the idea generation of suitable activities for residents based on their abilities, needs and preferences, and features an innovative and time-saving reporting function.

Developed over 18 months and tested within care homes, the app determines creative activities for each resident based on a series of questions, and can help nurses and activity coordinators to vary the activities conducted. As it can be common for activities to be recycled within care homes, Active Minds want to help break this cycle by aiding in new enjoyable activity idea generation.

“We have spent 8 years watching all aspects of fun in care homes and seen some incredible examples and really innovative ways of doing things. We thought if we could bring all these things together and cut out all that wasted time, we could give people something really valuable. Ultimately this is about more time for the moments that matter.” Ben Atkinson-Willes, Active Minds founder.

How it Works

  • Support for Care keeps the activity programme fresh and reduces planning time by suggesting activities from a huge library of relevant ideas
  • Smart search can deliver the right activity to each resident based on the Pool Activity Level (PAL), a quick questionnaire which helps to assess needs of each person
  • Teams can report on an activity, such as how many residents took part, how they responded, and key benefits, with just a few clicks, taking a fraction of the time it would with paperwork
  • The service also contains bitesize tips and content from industry professionals such as NAPA (National Activity Providers Association)

For care home managers, the Support for Care app offers a revolutionary new perspective on activities happening within the homes and allows them to make informed and proactive decisions based around residents’ responses.

Currently, care home activity coordinators and nurses have to complete multiple forms surrounding care home activities, manually reporting individual residents’ responses and behaviours, which can be highly time consuming. The game-changing way of reporting within the app can help to save care homes considerable time, and therefore money, by removing the long processes and hassle associated with these reports.

The app produces transparent and effective reports based on the activities, and allows easy input of all necessary information surrounding the residents’ capabilities, responses to the activity, whether it was a group session, their mood and the time spent on the activity; all vital information for providing an effective activity program.

Tests of the prototype found that activity co-ordinators using the app spent less than a third of the time they had spent previously on reporting, and the reports were all collated automatically in one system that allowed the care home manager to review and analyse what was going on in their care home.

There has been a recent shift towards digitisation within the care industry, with many homes moving from paper-based reporting to full digitised care plans; Active Minds believes the Support for Care App is a brilliant way for care homes to begin their journey into more time effective and enjoyable activity coordination.

For more information on Support for Care get in touch with Active Minds by emailing

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