New member of the National Dementia Action Alliance: Unforgettable

UnforgettableUnforgettable are delighted to have joined the National Dementia Action Alliance and look forward to contributing an action plan that supports the dementia statements.

Unforgettable was established in 2015 by James Ashwell, a young entrepreneur who, whilst caring for his mother, living with frontotemporal dementia, had experienced the life-changing benefits of a range of products that enabled her to enjoy activities and remain independent and active for longer than would otherwise have been possible. James gave up his career to look after his mother. After she died, he decided to put his learning to good use by setting up Unforgettable, a marketplace offering products and services designed to improve the lives of people with dementia and their families.

Unforgettable is a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) – a new kind of company that uses business as means for social impact. Unforgettable’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers. As well as offering the marketplace of products and services and facilitating a vibrant on-line community of support for families and others affected by dementia, Unforgettable donates 10% of profits or £10,000 (whichever is greater) each year to the Unforgettable Foundation(Registered Charity Number 1163647).

One of our key priorities at Unforgettable is to encourage innovation and channel funding into new product development; and it is with much excitement that we recently launched our new Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio

Unforgettable’s Head of Product Development and Innovation, Adam Vaughan, has led the co-design of the music player & digital radio, working closely with people living with dementia and family carers and consulting widely with the Unforgettable caregiver community.
Building on research evidence that demonstrates the benefits of music for people with dementia, Adam explored people’s current behaviour around listening to music and experimented with different approaches, with the aim of removing barriers and making music – particularly personalised playlists – easier to access.

Based on the insights shared in this process, Adam created a design prototype which was then converted into a manufactured product. The Unforgettable Music Player and Digital Radio is now in stock and available to purchase and initial feedback from customers has been extremely positive.

Neuroscience tells us that regions of the brain associated with musical memory remain intact and functional long into the dementia journey. Music can enliven people, making connections with memories and evoking emotional responses. As an activity, in any setting, listening to music holds meaning and value, and personal playlists make the experience truly person-centred.

‘Social prescribing’ is a core feature of the Government’s long-term strategy for the NHS: speaking about the policy paper ‘Prevention is better than cure: our vision to help you live well for longer’, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock cited the arts an “indispensable tool” and suggested that ‘personal playlists of music could be prescribed to help patients and their families cope with the symptoms of degenerative mental diseases such as dementia’. We look forward to the formation of the planned ‘National Academy for Social Prescribing’. This will be an important body for all organisations connected with the Dementia Action Alliance going forwards.

For the full list of the products that Unforgettable offer you can go to Plus Unforgettable are offering a 10% discount to all NDAA members. You can claim that for all products listed on Unforgettable website giving 10% by quoting the discount code DAA10.

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