Organisation Name

Vision UK


Organisation Summary

Vision UK is the independent partnership organisation which works with organisations in the eye health and sight loss sector and beyond for the benefit of blind and partially sighted people, their communities and the general population including those at risk of sight loss.

What sectors does your organisation work in?

Health & Medical

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Vision UK has a Dementia, Learning Disabilities & Sight Loss Committee
Objectives of the Committee:
• To provide a forum for dementia, learning disability and sight loss orientated professionals to share information, plans and ideas about campaigns and work.
• To act as an information exchange/focal point for all forthcoming events and activities across all member organisations.
• To develop and promote a better understanding of the issues facing people affected by dementia, learning disability and sight loss by presenting at events and seeking publications in relevant journals.
• To develop shared experience, knowledge, systems and resources which improve our organisations ability to provide information on dementia, learning disabilities and sight loss to enquirers.
• To support and influence initiatives around dementia, learning disabilities and sight loss, such as through joint working on product development.
The Committee’s focus is on issues relating to the concurrence of loss of vision and dementia/learning disabilities. This includes issues of visual perception that may be related to dementia/learning disabilities and issues related to eye conditions, such as cataracts.