Action Plan

At The Reading Agency we work every day towards a world where everyone is reading their way to a better life. We mean everyone - from toddlers to children to young adults, prisoners and older people - irrespective of age or economic background. We believe that reading can tackle life's big challenges, from social mobility to mental health - and we're determined that no one is left behind as we strive towards realising our vision. We work closely with our partners to deliver programmes to more than a million people per year, from the Summer Reading Challenge for children to Reading Well and Quick Reads for adults. As we strive to reach a larger audience we recognise the importance of listening to, and working with, our partners and participants. Our co-creation model has been developed to ensure that our programmes meet the needs of the people who will use them.

Commitment 1 - Relating to:

To promote the positive health benefits of reading.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 1?


A diagnosis should not define someone. If reading has become difficult whilst living with dementia, we will support them to continue reading through our programmes.

  • We have the right to be recognised as who we are, to make choices about our lives including taking risks, and to contribute to society. Our diagnosis should not define us, nor should we be ashamed of it.

Commitment 2 - Relating to:

To reduce loneliness and social isolation of people living with dementia through reading.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 2?


Through our programmes we will bring people together through reading so that they meet new people, feel included in their local community in order to increase their feelings of wellbeing.

  • We have the right to continue with day to day and family life, without discrimination or unfair cost, to be accepted and included in our communities and not live in isolation or loneliness.

Commitment 3 - Relating to:

To provide support and advice for people with dementia and their carers through our programmes.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 3?


The booklists provided by our programmes can be accessed for free through the public library service so that people living with dementia and their carers can access information. Our co-created booklists make sure that advice and feedback from people living with dementia are taken into account.

  • We have the right to be respected, and recognised as partners in care, provided with education, support, services, and training which enables us to plan and make decisions about the future.