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Step Change Design Ltd


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We are Garden Designers who completed a research project to understand why gardens were not more effectively used for residents with dementia in care settings, even when designed to meet the latest guidance. Our findings led us deep inside the care home itself and found a correlation between greater use of the outdoors in those homes with more relationship-centred care. We created a diagnostic tool, The Care Culture Map, to help Care Homes, and Garden Designers, to understand where they are culturally, what may be hindering their use of the outdoors and how to move forward to a more active and meaningful use of their outside space. We share our work through this tool, inspirational workshops, presentations and consultations to create greater engagement with the garden .

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Private Company

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Education & Training

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Our aim is to support care settings, and other specialists, by sharing our research findings in understanding the key role of care practices on active engagement outside. We help to open eyes to the opportunities of stepping outside and enabling residents to take part in meaningful activities as and when they choose. This leads to outside spaces that are well-used, well-loved and integral part of residents’ lives.