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Royal Voluntary Service


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Royal Voluntary Service was formed in 1938 by Stella, Lady Reading as Women’s Voluntary Services to help communities prepare for the hardships of war. Since then it has inspired more than three million ordinary women and men to give their time to help address whatever needs were most apparent in their communities. Today our volunteers do the simple things which make a big difference. Helping on wards and serving refreshments in busy NHS hospitals, supporting older people just home from an operation; running lunch clubs and social activities to help older people stay active and fend off loneliness.

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Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Among the most significant challenges our nation faces is our rapidly ageing population. People’s experience of ageing varies greatly with those from poorer backgrounds much more likely to suffer from ill health. Isolation and loneliness have risen too as families have dispersed, individualism has taken hold and more people find themselves living alone for longer in old age.
Our volunteers deliver great impact as they assist thousands of older people to live happier and healthier lives. They do this through a range of high-impact support services which help people to regain strength and confidence after a set-back, or help them to manage their challenging circumstances better. In addition, volunteers run an array of community led-clubs and activity groups to foster and maintain social connections and well-being.