Action Plan

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists is the UK Professional Body and Trade Union for over 32,000 Occupational Therapists, support workers, managers and students. Occupational Therapy enables people of all ages to participate in daily life to improve health and well being. They are the only Allied Health Profession trained at a pre-registration level to work within both physical and mental health and work across both health and social care.

Commitment 1 - Relating to:

RCOT has published "Embracing Risk; enabling choice. Guidance for occupational therapists" (2018). It guides occupational therapists to "put service users at the centre of your practice, working in partnership with them, being led by their needs, choices and aspirations (COT 2017, section 2.1). You have a continuing duty to respect and uphold their autonomy, encouraging and enabling choice and partnership working in the occupational therapy process (COT 2015, section 3.3)." (RCOT,p2,2018. Available at;


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 1?


The document is being promoted through a variety of channels and training will be available this year.

  • We have the right to be recognised as who we are, to make choices about our lives including taking risks, and to contribute to society. Our diagnosis should not define us, nor should we be ashamed of it.

Commitment 2 - Relating to:

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists is working with Alzheimer Scotland to produce information for the public on tips to manage day to day, stay active and keep connected with their local community and when and how to access occupational therapy.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 2?


Postcard and leaflet already published and being shared through Alzheimer Scotland, health and social care services. Social media blogs and information sharing under the banner of "With occupational therapy you can..."More detailed booklet on these themes to be published 2018/19.

  • We have the right to continue with day to day and family life, without discrimination or unfair cost, to be accepted and included in our communities and not live in isolation or loneliness.

Commitment 3 - Relating to:

Within the RCOT's Occupational Therapy:Improving Lives, Saving Money the College continue to collect and disseminate examples of good practice,


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 3?


The campaign will be focused on mental health and dementia in 2018. There will be various UK wide activities including a publication. RCOT as a stakeholder will be working with the Welsh government on the implementation of the Dementia Action Plan.

  • We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. This must meet our needs, wherever we live.