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NHS England


Organisation Summary

NHS England is an executive non-departmental public body which leads and oversees the planning, funding and delivery of healthcare provision in England. We are mandated to improve the country’s health and wellbeing by arranging high quality care in a way that meets current demand, in a way that is sustainable into the future. NHS England allocates most of the funding it receives to CCGs and supports them to commission services on behalf of their patients. NHS England also undertakes direct commissioning of specialised, primary care and other services. From 1 April 2019, NHS England and NHS Improvement are working together as a new single organisation to better support the NHS to deliver improved care for patients.

Organisation Type

Public Body

What sectors does your organisation work in?

Health & Medical

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Dementia remains a big challenge for the NHS and society as a whole. NHS England / NHS Improvement is focussed on realising the Mandate commitments to maintain a minimum of two thirds diagnosis rates for people with dementia, and implement and embed the dementia Pathway set out in the Implementation guide and resource pack for dementia care (July 2017), and improve the quality of post-diagnosis treatment and support.


The national two-thirds ambition 66.7 % has been met and maintained since July 2016. Although there is still some variation between local areas, work is underway through targeted assistance and the Dementia Support offer.


The Implementation guide and resource pack for dementia care provides local services with evidence on what works in dementia care and sets out what good quality assessment, diagnosis and care looks like in relation to formal guidance, in addition to the views and expectations of people living with dementia and their carers.  To aid implementation and expand on this, the National Collaboration Centre for Mental Health was commissioned to develop the Dementia Care Pathway: Full implementation guidance which provides step by step processes that local commissioners and providers can follow to ensure delivery of the dementia well pathway and is underpinned throughout by the ethos of the Dementia Statements.