Action Plan

The Mycarematters System is a method of sharing a person's non-medical needs and preferences with hospital staff and other people interacting with them during a hospital stay, facilitating person-centred and holistic care.

Commitment 1 - Relating to:

Mycarematters offers a service which encourages and helps people living with dementia to be partners in their care, and for them and/or their carers to better engage and to feel empowered during a stay in hospital.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 1?


By working with people with dementia, carers, hospital and care home staff to further improve and raise awareness of the Mycarematters System.

  • We have the right to be respected, and recognised as partners in care, provided with education, support, services, and training which enables us to plan and make decisions about the future.

Commitment 2 - Relating to:

Mycarematters wishes to continue working with people living with dementia and their carers to further develop their service.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 2?


By engaging directly with people with dementia and their carers at design and implementation stages of each aspect of the Mycarematters service.

  • We have the right to know about and decide if we want to be involved in research that looks at cause, cure and care for dementia and be supported to take part.

Commitment 3 - Relating to:

By enabling individuals or their carers on their behalf to create a profile of their non-medical needs and preferences we are assisting all those interacting with them to best meet their needs.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 3?


By raising awareness of the importance of knowing about the person beyond their medical condition and by delivering our service via hospitals, care homes and home care agencies.

  • We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. This must meet our needs, wherever we live.