Organisation Name

McCarthy & Stone / Your Life Management Services


Organisation Summary

McCarthy & Stone is a leading retirement housebuilder, based in the UK. Your Life
Management Services provide a managed service to accommodate flexible care and support packages to people in their new home.

What sectors does your organisation work in?


Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Our organisation is committed to the NDAA and Dementia Statements because we recognise that we have a massive opportunity to influence and improves people’s quality of life who are living with dementia. We also have an opportunity to raise awareness and improve our built communities across the country to understand dementia better and seek support when they need it.
Our commitment runs deep throughout our developments and organisation as we understand that the little things can make the difference along the journey of dementia, from supporting the person living with dementia to co-operating with families, friends and care teams, we understand the impact dementia has and how we must to support each person well. We are committed because we can make a difference. We are committed because we can change lives and support people better. We are committed because we recognise the dementia statements as being the important pillars to affect change.