Organisation Name

Many Happy Returns


Organisation Summary

As a social enterprise formed ten years ago, we care passionately about the link between good communication and good care. We help care staff and family carers to communicate more meaningfully and enjoyably with any person living with dementia, through products (Chatterbox conversation-trigger cards); interactive studio-based workshops (REAL Communication workshops) all underpinned by evidence-based strategies and techniques. We partner with specialists, stakeholder organisations and University departments in dementia research studies. We also facilitate regular conversation groups for people living with dementia and develop carers’ skills to do the same.

What sectors does your organisation work in?

Social Care, Welfare

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Caring deeply about the link between good communication and the good care of people living with dementia, we are glad to be part of the NDDA, – an essential network of professionals and people living with dementia. We are committed to sharing wider information, learning and the promotion of best practice in all care relationships of the person with dementia.