Organisation Name

Innovations in Dementia CIC


Organisation Summary

Innovations in Dementia is a community interest company.Our work supports people with dementia to keep control of their lives and be happy.We do this by running innovative projects, by providing a training and consultancy service and by influencing how others work with people with dementia.People with dementia are at the heart and start of all our work.We promote a positive view of dementia, demonstrating that although dementia is life changing it does not have to be life ending.

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

We are committed to the NDAA because we believe that in order for people with dementia to enjoy all that life has to offer dementia should be everyone’s business. The NDAA is the only network which brings together the range of organisations needed to make this happen. We are committed to the NDD because this is what people with dementia say they want for their lives.