The Care Bureau Ltd

The Care Bureau, a family run business, has been providing domiciliary care services since 1997. Our Senior Management team has the benefit of over 80 years of Registered Nursing experience, incorporating many years of experience & training as Registered Managers in Nursing Homes, Residential Homes & Domiciliary Care. This wealth of knowledge ensures that we draw from experience and current knowledge to provide the best service available. We care for individuals in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Our Home-Healthcare can be provided for adults of all ages and needs, from short 30-minute calls to 24-hour Nursing. Within our Nursing Agency, we offer a range of recruitment services to organisations seeking trained Healthcare & Nursing Staff. Our specialist recruiters source & deliver effective, high quality & compliant staffing solutions.

Commitment 1 - Relating to: Education & Training/Quality Standards

We will regularly provide handouts to all staff which contain the signs and symptoms of dementia. Posters will be on display in each office detailing who families can turn to for information. We will actively support charitable events such as bake sales in aid of dementia awareness.

  • We have the right to be recognised as who we are, to make choices about our lives including taking risks, and to contribute to society. Our diagnosis should not define us, nor should we be ashamed of it.

Commitment 2 - Relating to: Mental health/Wellbeing

To work in partnership with all agencies involved with our client. To attend multidisciplinary meetings in order to contribute to fully integrated care.

  • We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. This must meet our needs, wherever we live.

Commitment 3 - Relating to:

To raise awareness of Dementia Friends by arranging for the local Friends Champion to deliver an information session to staff. We will also regularly circulate links to their online videos. We will follow @DementiaFriends on Twitter and Facebook and share their posts with our followers.

  • We have the right to continue with day to day and family life, without discrimination or unfair cost, to be accepted and included in our communities and not live in isolation or loneliness.