Organisation Name

Care England


Organisation Summary

Care England is the largest representative body for social care in the UK and our members deliver residential care services for older people, (the majority of whom are living with some dementia) people with learning disabilities, people with brain injuries, and people living with mental health issues. We lobby and advocate on behalf of the sector, provide services to our members. and have developed a range of initiatives designed to improve care.We have developed and disseminated the care and support compact for people living with dementia.

Organisation Type


What sectors does your organisation work in?

Older People

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

Care England is committed To the National Dementia Action Alliance because many of the people who are supported by our members are living with dementia. We believe the Alliance is a powerful force for improving services, and raising the profile of the needs of people living with dementia and their carers.