Organisation Name

Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester


Organisation Summary

The Association for Dementia Studies (ADS) at the University of Worcester comprises a multi-professional group of educationalists, researchers and practitioners who are experts in the field of person-centred dementia care and support. People with dementia, their families and their carers inform the work of ADS at all stages. Our aim is to make a substantial contribution to building evidence-based practical ways of working with people living with dementia and their families enabling them to live well. We do this primarily through research, education and scholarship. We are committed to a person-centred approach in all our work. This is our ethical code that values all people as unique individuals, is respectful of the perspective of different standpoints and recognises the interdependence of all of us. We are committed to raising awareness, challenging stigma and improving quality of life and well-being. We work from an international perspective but with a central focus on improving the UK capacity for excellent dementia services. We work in partnership with health and social care providers, commissioners, charities, educational bodies and government agencies.

Why is your organisation committed to the NDAA and the Dementia Statements?

The Association for Dementia Studies is committed to the National Dementia Action Alliance and National Dementia Declaration as our values and ethical code mirror those of the NDAA.