Action Plan

360 Forward is a quality improvement and practice development company providing a range of products and services including work based learning, diagnostic assessment and consultancy. We focus on helping organisations, managers and staff at all levels within health and social care settings to develop dynamic, sustainable relationship based person centred cultures in their organisations working towards excellence and business growth.

Commitment 1 - Relating to:

Roll out Living Well, Our Plan, a 6 week course for delivering Dementia skills and personalised support planning for families to local communities.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 1?


We will promote the course to groups and organisation as a person centred learning programme with coaching We will promote the sale of the package for other organisations and community groups wishing to support carers.

  • We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. This must meet our needs, wherever we live.

Commitment 2 - Relating to:

Ask and Answer cards communication tool to give people with dementia an opportunity to be heard and help carers establish: How they feel about their general quality of life in the care home or at home How they feel about the relationships around them, the activities and daily life, the food and dining How they feel about their general sense of comfort and security These have been designed with guidance to help people find out what matters to people so their needs can be advocated within their care setting to improve health and wellbeing.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 2?


This project is being assembled with the assistance of carers and people living with dementia based on evidence of what matters to them when receiving care, designed to give them a voice, based on an evidence based method of engagement with pictures and prompts. This will be promoted as a service to family carers and to different care settings and domiciliary agencies.

  • We have the right to be respected, and recognised as partners in care, provided with education, support, services, and training which enables us to plan and make decisions about the future.

Commitment 3 - Relating to:

Develop a course for shops and services that helps front line services support people with a range of sensory, mental health and cognitive disabilities as part of a locally driven initiative to create a compassionate community for all ages.


How will your organisation achieve Commitment 3?


Develop, co-design and pilot course working with a number of voluntary and professional experts to bring together key messages and practical tips that can be easily adopted into every day front facing shops and services working with the public including people living with dementia to prevent isolation and loneliness.

  • We have the right to continue with day to day and family life, without discrimination or unfair cost, to be accepted and included in our communities and not live in isolation or loneliness.