Survey for LGBT+ people affected by dementia

This survey is intended to inform Dementia Adventure and National Dementia Action Alliance of the thoughts of people within the LGBT+ community around the subject of support needed on a daily, weekly, and maybe annual basis.

The National Dementia Action Alliance is a membership body of 111 national health and social care organisations, all of whom are committed to improving outcomes for people living with dementia and carers.

Dementia Adventure is a charity which concentrates its efforts around enabling people with dementia to get outdoors more often, and offers supported holidays as an alternative form of respite for people living with dementia and their partners to go on together. These holidays are all Monday – Friday and offer an inclusive and supportive environment for both the person living with dementia and supporter, with an extra pair of hands on offer all the time. More information is available on

We are interested in gathering people’s views so that Dementia Adventure can co-produce a service which will be what people want and need.

Please do forward this on to any LGBT+ people with dementia and LGBT+ carers.

Please fill in this survey by 1st July 2019.

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