Dementia & Housing Working Group event

4th November

Together with Housing 21, the Dementia & Housing Working Group will be hosting a free online conference, ‘Dementia: Inclusive by Design’ on Wednesday 4 November 2020, 10am – 3.15pm.
Why home matters, aids and adaptations, designing outdoor space, and developments in the private rented sector will be covered in presentations from leading stakeholders.
Workshop sessions will include practical examples of how co-produced aids and technologies can help people live well with Dementia, as well as the work around developing and maintaining housing with care. The conference will also provide a platform to share, value and showcase the lived experience of Dementia.
Through virtual breakout rooms, the conference will provide an opportunity for professionals and policy makers in the field to re-acquaint themselves with their wider networks.
  • The Lived Experience Hub will provide a place for organisations led by and supporting people living with dementia and their carers to show off their successes and activities. It will also provide a Chill out zone as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the conference and a space where the experience of living with Dementia may be shared.
  • The Ideas Hub will provide a space for policy makers, planners and researchers to present their priorities and findings and test their ideas with others.
  • The Providers’ Hub will provide a space for providers of housing, care and support services to celebrate their schemes and projects and present their plans for development.
  • The Commercial Hub will provide a space for the manufacturers, professionals and retailers of Dementia Friendly goods and services to advertise their solutions and services.
The agenda and speakers will be released in due course.

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