NDAA Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter Poster Interview: Toby WIlliamson

For Dementia Action Week 2019 we have produced a poster that can be displayed in hospitals that summarises the elements of the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter that people living with dementia and carers can see in clear view when they visit. The poster is available for all hospital trusts that are signed up to the Charter and aims to raise awareness of the standards of care that are expected and ultimately to improve the experience of people living with dementia and their carers when they visit hospital.

For the final interview speaking to the team that developed the poster heard from Toby Williamson who is a Independent Health and Social Care Consultant and co-author of the recently published book The Dementia Manifesto: Putting Values-Based Practice to Work:

How do you think the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter Poster will help people living with dementia and their carers when visiting hospital?

The Poster will indicate to people living with dementia and their carers that staff at the hospital they are using have thought about and made a commitment to making the hospital as helpful and accessible as possible for people affected by dementia. The Poster contains practical steps that, if followed, will improve the experience of people affected by dementia if they are staying in the hospital, using its services, or visiting. The statements on the Poster also provide points of reference that people affected by dementia can use if they are unhappy with some aspect of their experience of using the hospital.


What do you think is the most positive change that can be made going forward to improve the experiences of people living with dementia and their carers when they visit hospital?

The most positive change going forward is people feeling at ease telling hospital staff that they or the person they are with has dementia, and they get a consistently helpful and supportive response which takes into account the impairments caused by dementia wherever it is relevant to their use of the hospital’s services.

Further details on the poster and how to access it are available below:

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