Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter New Poster

What to expect in hospital – NDAA publish new poster summarising what people with dementia and their carers can expect during a stay in hospital

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter provides guidance on best practice for staff and shows what people with dementia, their carers and families should expect when visiting hospital. The charter, launched in 2015, incorporates the Royal College of Nursing’s SPACE principles and therefore focusses on staffing, partnership, assessments, care, environment and governance. The charter was updated in 2018 to include a new section on volunteering and was launched at an event where Dementia Leads heard from clinicians and people affected by dementia.  The National Dementia Action Alliance (NDAA) has now produced a poster that can be displayed in hospitals that summarises the elements of the charter that people living with dementia and carers can see in clear view when they visit. The poster is available for all hospital trusts that are signed up to the NDAA’s Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter and aims to raise awareness of the standards of care that are expected and ultimately to improve the experience of people living with dementia and their carers when they visit hospital.

Developed by people with lived experience

To develop the poster the NDAA worked with Dementia UK’s Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) and Together in Dementia Everyday (tide). The working group faced the difficult task of summarising the principles of the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter – a 12-page document – onto one page and in a way that was accessible. After a lot of hard work from the group the poster is now available and will serve to increase awareness of dementia-friendly practice throughout hospital staff and visitors, as well as letting those living with dementia and their carers know what support they can expect to receive. The production of the poster was also supported by NDAA member British Red Cross, whom we would like to thank.

A benchmark for all hospitals

Rachel Thompson is Admiral Nurse Professional & Practice Development Lead at Dementia UK and is part of the Dementia Friendly Hospital Taskforce; on the poster she commented:

“This summary of the Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter provides an easy access guide for people with dementia, their family carers and staff alike. It will help increase awareness and highlights how staff can improve the experience of hospital admission for those affected by dementia. This charter should act as a benchmark for all hospitals in driving forward improvements in dementia care, during what can be a stressful and worrying time for families.”

NDAA Campaigns and Partnerships Manager, Sarah Tilsed leads on the Dementia-Friendly Hospitals campaign and added:

“We’re really excited to share this poster with the hospitals that have signed up to the charter, so they can display it to raise awareness around the support and care that people living with dementia and their carers should expect. We know that visiting hospital can often be a distressing experience, but we hope that the understanding and dedication of staff in hospitals will be highlighted by displaying the poster.”

Coming to a hospital (that is signed up to the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter) near you…

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter Poster has been sent to all hospital trusts signed up to the charter already, and further copies can be requested by emailing There is also a digital version available to download on the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter Poster Resources page. Any hospital trust that isn’t signed up to the charter can enquire about doing so using the same contact details. The NDAA are encouraging all hospitals displaying the poster to take photos and share those images on Twitter using the hashtags #DementiaFriendlyHospitals and #WhatToExpectInHospital.

NDAA would like to offer special thanks for their efforts on the poster to the following members of the working group:

  • Frank Arrojo, tide member
  • Janis Cottee, tide member
  • George Rook, LEAP member
  • Tracey Shorthouse, LEAP member

NDAA Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter Poster Interviews

For Dementia Action Week 2019 we spoke to the people who helped us produce the poster for hospitals that summarises the elements of the Dementia-Friendly Hospitals Charter. Follow the links below to access the interviews:

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Janis Cottee

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George Rook

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