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We recognise that it is going to take collective action to fundamentally change the choice of words that are used to describe dementia and its day to day experiences. We are asking member organisations of the National Dementia Action Alliance and others to join us to take action about the use of language associated with dementia. We are really pleased that our guidelines on language have been used to challenge (and change) leading newspapers and television and radio coverage, and we would like to achieve more with your help.

Through this Call to Action we ask you/your organisations to commit to the three ‘C’s:

Check words and descriptions used in your printed materials against the DEEP Guide

Change any words and descriptions that people with dementia have identified as ones to avoid

Challenge words which you recognise as our ‘curl up and die’ words whenever you see or hear them –  in newspapers, on TV, on websites and in conferences and meetings. And pass on the challenge to others to take forward in their own settings.

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