Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter, Revised 2020: COVID-19 Recommendations

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter enables hospitals to create a dementia-friendly environment for people with dementia and their families/carer in England.

This revised edition – released October 2020 – has been developed as a result of COVID-19, but is likely to be equally applicable in any other epidemic or pandemic where control of infection is paramount. Hospitals have had to dramatically change the way that they work and this in turn will result in changes for people with dementia who are admitted to hospital, and their families and friends. The Dementia Friendly-Hospital Charter has been updated in order that people affected by dementia still receive the best possible care that can be delivered under these circumstances and will be kept under review.

The Charter aims to:

  • Act as a short, accessible and visible statement of the principles that contribute to a dementia- friendly hospital
  • Provide a minimum set of standards that focus on the needs of people with dementia and their families/carer and what they can rely on when they access a dementia-friendly hospital
  • Build on the foundation offered by the Royal College of Nursing’s Staff, Partnership, Assessment, Care and Environment (SPACE) principles by including the latest developments and signposting resources that hospitals can use to embed dementia-friendly principles in their hospital
  • Offer a framework to assist hospitals in their self-assessment against the dementia-friendly principles.

Please view the revised charter here and share with clinicians and colleagues



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