Bring Dementia Out update

The Bring Dementia Out programme is led by LGBT Foundation, in partnership with National Dementia Action Alliance, National LGB&T Partnership and Switchboard (Brighton & Hove). The programme is supported by The Guinness Partnership, and builds on the work of the same name produced as an innovation project by Alzheimer’s Society.

Bring Dementia Out seeks to identify the additional challenges faced by LGBT people living with dementia, and those supporting them, to develop training on how we can better support LGBT people living with dementia to live well. The programme has been running since December 2019, and despite the challenges faced by the current pandemic, the first phase of the training package launched at the end of September. Although currently being delivered exclusively to The Guinness Partnership, this initial training offer will be rolled out across the housing and dementia care sectors from November 2020. Thanks to the generous support of The Guinness Partnership, this training is being offered free so that as many people as possible can benefit from the learning and guidance.

The training currently being offered consists of a 75 – 90 minute webinar, and the content includes: LGBT Terminology 101, LGBT Health Inequalities that can lead to the development and/or progression of dementia, specific challenges faced by LGBT people living with dementia, LGBT History Quiz, how we can support LGBT people living with dementia, signposting, and case studies from our lived experience advisors. The training also provides plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss with other participants.

One of the highlights of the webinar for the participants is the LGBT history quiz, which provides an opportunity for people to learn about key legislation as well as some pop culture. As we know, most people who develop dementia will experience memory loss. The nature of many forms of dementia means that most often, it is the more recent memories that are lost first. This means that for many LGBT people living with dementia, they may not remember what rights and protections they have now, and may believe they are living in a time when LGBT people faced high levels of discrimination. The result of this is that LGBT people living with dementia may be very fearful about talking about their sexual and gender identity, and may not feel welcome and confident to be themselves within housing and care settings. An understanding of this, as well as some knowledge of the experiences many LGBT people have lived through, is essential to providing support to LGBT people living with dementia.

The webinar will be followed by a more comprehensive self guided learning package that will not only expand on the themes of the webinar, but will also contain more practical advice and sample activities for those supporting LGBT people living with dementia. The development of this package is in progress and will be informed by feedback from the webinar.

Together, we can ensure that LGBT people living with dementia are visible, included and supported to be who they are.

If you represent a housing or care provider that supports people living with dementia, and would like to access the training or would like further information, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Claire Days – Bring Dementia Out Programme Coordinator

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