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National Dementia Action Alliance switched to a new website in May 2019, below you can see a selection of frequently asked questions around the move to the new site:

Why did you need a new website?

There are some key objectives for our NDAA website that include:

  • Promoting NDAA campaigns and resources to provide information to support people living with dementia and their carers
  • Showcasing the varied and inspirational work of our members and displaying their action plans stating their aims for change within the sector
  • Providing an interesting and easy to navigate information hub for anyone looking for further knowledge on dementia, harnessing the wide ranging experience of NDAA and our members

We didn’t feel that our previous website was able to meet those objectives but this new one does. The site has a modern design that flows down the page and incorporates more images featuring people living with dementia and carers that our work looks to support.

The members area of the website now features the new action plan, which is framed around our Dementia Statements and members are able to add more of their own brand and images to these pages. The new site is easier to navigate around and for all pages we’ve looked to adhere to DEEP guidelines on font size to ensure they are dementia-friendly. In addition, NDAA is now separate from Local Dementia Action Alliances who will remain on the previous site to avoid confusion.

The new website also incorporates the update to our brand that we’ve made in the past year, including our new logo and the change in our name to National Dementia Action Alliance, or NDAA. We’re really pleased with the new site but will always be looking to improve it, so if you have feedback please contact us at

Why did you need a new brand and logo?

The decision was taken in 2018 to update our name from Dementia Action Alliance to National Dementia Action Alliance. This was to reflect the fact that our members’ work is on a national scale covering a wide range of sectors and specialisms and to avoid confusion with regional Local Dementia Action Alliances. Once we had a (slightly) new name we felt that we needed an updated brand to go with that and so we decided to incorporate more of the colours already in our brand colour palette. Throughout the process of these updates we consulted with our Steering Group, people living with dementia and carers

What happens to everything on the old website? Can I still use it?

The previous website at will remain, as it features information on Local Dementia Action Alliances and will only feature those from now on. All up to date and relevant information from this website has been added to the new website. Information such as news items and past events have been copied over from the past two years, but older information will not be stored. If you have any questions about content on the old website please contact us at


Do we need to update the NDAA address on our website? Will old links still work?

Old links on all websites will need to be updated; the link for the new website is or NDAA members can go to the member resources page on this website for content to help with updating information.

How can I learn to use the new site? What resources are available?

Members can refer to the member resources page for details on how they can use the site. For non-members visiting the site, if you’re unsure how to access anything on the new site please contact us at

My organisation is a member, how can I log in?

Each membership organisation has one login and that will be sent to the main contact for the organisation. Once logged in, members can update their own member pages. If you have questions about accessing your organisation’s member account please contact us at

How did you decide on this style (font, colours, layout)?

The new design, branding and logo for NDAA was decided by the secretariat and informed by our Steering Group including contributors living with dementia and carers.

How will you fix any problems that exist with the website?

We appreciate that our new website will continue to evolve (and hopefully therefore improve!) as time goes on and would welcome feedback and appreciate being alerted to any errors with the site. If you would like to get in touch please contact us at

How does the new website make a difference for users?

We feel the design and layout of the new site is much more user friendly and allows visitors to locate information that they are looking for quicker. We also believe the site provides a better platform to celebrate the fantastic work of our members with the ultimate aim of providing better care and support to people living with dementia and carers.

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