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The National Dementia Action Alliance is the independent network and coming together of over 100 national organisations across England within the health and social care sector, to connect, share best practice and take action on dementia.

The NDAA was formed in 2010 with the launch of the National Dementia Declaration. The NDAA supports its national members to work together and campaign to radically improve the health & social care outcomes of people affected by dementia.

National members belong to the National Dementia Action Alliance and consist of health and social care organisations with a national footprint across England. They are supported by the Secretariat.

Local members belong to different local Dementia Action Alliances, based on their geographical location. The organisations can come from a range of sectors to represent the area the alliance is set up. If you would like to see if there is a local Dementia Action Alliance in your area visit

The Secretariat supports and coordinates the members of the National Dementia Action Alliance. This allows them to work in partnership and inspire each other to adopt new practices that radically improve health and social care outcomes for people living with dementia and their carers.

The onus is on the members to drive the work of the NDAA forward, with the Secretariat providing assistance.

Membes can attend free regular meetings, receive free monthly newsletters and manage a dedicated member’s page and profile on the NDAA website. That allows you to submit news stories and events, attend webinars and roundtables plus take part in influencing campaigns and attend our annual conference for free.

A member of the NDAA can choose leave the alliance at any time and withdraw consent. If this is the case they just need to inform the secretariat and they will remove the member’s information from the website and remove all records.

In order to become a member of the National Dementia Action Alliance your organisation must work within health and social care across the whole of England. If your organisation qualifies then please complete the NDAA Action Plan online.

  • Taking action by fulfilling their member action plans.
  • Financial Contributions or in-kind support
  • To promote the work of the NDAA to its networks
  • To be active members e.g. promote NDAA campaigns, attend meetings, participate in roundtables, contribute to agenda setting meetings etc
  • To share their knowledge/ expertise with the NDAA and its member

There is a membership fee to be part of the NDAA. This is calculated on member turnover and allows the alliance to plan for future campaigns and projects. We also rely on grants, financial contributions and contributions towards projects from our members.

The Secretariat is currently hosted by Alzheimer’s Society. The NDAA is not a registered charity and is legally part of Alzheimer’s Society. It is not an independent legal entity. Legal responsibility for the operations of the NDAA sits with the Board of Trustees of Alzheimer’s Society. The day to day running of the NDAA has been delegated by the Trustees of Alzheimer’s Society to the NDAA Secretariat, which is guided by a Steering Group consisting of elected individuals from different member organisations.

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