JOIN THE ALLIANCE The alliance of over 100 national organisations across England who connect, share best practice and take action on dementia. Everything we do is in partnership and informed by people living with dementia, and those that care for them. SIGN UP or CAMPAIGNS FIND OUT MORE In partnership with our members, we campaign on major issues within health and social care, to ensure people affected by dementia and those that care for them have the best possible experience accessing services. Image provided by Hallmark Care Homes
featuring an intergenerational partnership
programme called ‘Songs and Smiles’
ABOUT FIND OUT MORE The National Dementia Action Alliance is the independent network for health and social care organisations in England to connect, share best practice and take action on dementia. Image submitted by Health Connected
featuring Derek and Alice sharing memories
at the Westminster Memory Clinic using
RemindMecare’s ‘Conversations’ module
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We are now disestablished and only continuing with #DementiaFriendlyHospitals in Wales and England (until June ’21). Please go to our news page to read more.

Members include leading charities, social care providers, Government bodies, pharmaceuticals, royal colleges, and wellbeing organisations. Everything we do is in partnership and informed by people living with dementia, and their carers.

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Our members:


“Since joining the NDAA as an affiliate and then as a steering group member I’ve witnessed the devotion and insight of professionals totally committed and united in advancing the cause of dementia at all levels.”

Keith Oliver, Living with young onset dementia, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador, Kent & Medway PT NHS Dementia Service User Envoy and member of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group


We campaign on major issues within health and social care. To find out more details click the button below.

These statements were developed by people with dementia and their carers.

The person with dementia is at the centre of these statements.  They represent everyone living with any type of dementia regardless of age, stage or severity.

The “we” used in these statements encompasses people with dementia, their carers, their families, and everyone else affected by dementia.

These rights are enshrined in the Equality Act, Mental Capacity legislation, Health and care legislation and International Human Rights law.

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In autumn 2017, the National Dementia Action Alliance launched ‘From Seldom Heard to Seen & Heard’, a campaign bringing NDAA members together for improved outcomes for people living with dementia and their carers who come from seldom heard groups

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In October 2012 the National Dementia Action Alliance launched the Right Care: a call to action to create dementia-friendly hospitals. All acute trusts in England were asked to make a public commitment to becoming dementia-friendly.

The Charter is the second phase of the Right Care initiative. This has been renamed Dementia-Friendly Hospitals and it focuses on our Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter. It provides high-level principles of what a dementia-friendly hospital should look like and recommended actions that hospitals can take to fulfil them. In the Dementia 2020 Challenge, one of the key aspirations is to create dementia-friendly hospitals.

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Dementia Words Matter is A ‘Call to Action’ from people living with dementia. It is led jointly by DEEP & the Dementia Action Alliance

“Dementia Words Matter” is a DEEP Guide, written by people with dementia, that sets out the words and descriptions of dementia that we would prefer are avoided. We recognise that some quite dramatic words and descriptions can be justifiable when used to create a good story and a sense of urgency. On these occasions we hope that evocative language is used thoughtfully and with consideration.

However, it is the words that we describe as ‘curl up and die words’ that particularly form the basis of this Call to Action. This includes words such as ‘demented’, ‘sufferer’, ‘senile’ and ‘living death’. These are words that make us physically flinch when we hear them, that create stereotypes, and that are negatively attached to the person rather than the condition.

“Words are very powerful – they can build you up or put you down. When you are speaking about dementia remember this.” Agnes Houston, person with dementia

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