MacIntyre’s Easy Read Dementia Statements

NDAA member MacIntyre’s Health, Dementia and Wellbeing Team were thrilled to release Easy Read Dementia Statements at the National Dementia Action Alliance Conference 2019.

The I statements were created in 2010 by people affected by dementia and provided an ambitious yet achievable vision for how society could enable them to live well, such as “I have support that helps me live my life”. In 2017 a review took place, which involved people affected by dementia creating a new vision, renamed the Dementia Statements.

However, MacIntyre’s Health, Dementia and Wellbeing Team recognised that this valuable resource needed to be accessible for everyone; including people with a learning disability and dementia. As a result they developed Easy Read Dementia Statements.

Sarah Ormston, MacIntyre’s Dementia, Health and Wellbeing Manager said:

“MacIntyre supports a number of people living with dementia and a learning disability. We wanted to make these statements accessible to the people we support.”

The team worked alongside several people supported by MacIntyre to produce the Easy-Read Statements, including MacIntyre’s Health, Dementia and Wellbeing Assistant Rosie Joustra, MacIntyre’s Keep Going Don’t Stop Group and finally the MacIntyre Checkers.

Sarah added:

“Making sure that all of the information was understood, by different people with different learning styles was really important to us. We are really proud of what we have achieved.”

Click below to download the Easy Read Dementia Statements:


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